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Resistance unites Palestinians, negotiations divides them, Meshaal says

Head of Hamas’ Political Bureau Abroad Khaled Meshaal said on Sunday that resistance and uprisings unite Palestinians, while negotiations divide them, Quds Press reported.

This came during a speech he delivered to a popular gathering organised by the Justice and Development Party in the Moroccan capital Rabat to celebrate Palestine’s “victory” against the Israeli occupation army in Gaza.

“Running after the mirage of negotiations [with Israel] means death,” he said, “while resistance of the occupation is life, dignity and honour.”

The Hamas leader reiterated that all the Palestinians “are united behind their resistance.”

This, he explained, is “the real national unity which is based on the rights and principles of our people, as well as the open-ended confrontation with the occupation.”

Meanwhile, Secretary-General of the Justice and Development Party and Head of Moroccan government, Saadeddine Othmani, hailed the Palestinian resistance.

“The Palestinian resistance achieved a clear victory,” Othmani said. “We congratulate the Palestinian resistance, Muslims and free people around the world on this victory,” he added.

The Al-Aqsa Uprising “revived resistance and resilience” not only amongst Palestinians, he continued, but for the whole Ummah (Muslim community).

Othmani stressed: “All Moroccans, including the King, the government, and the people are waiting for the day when Palestinian is liberated. The Liberation battle is inevitably coming.”

Speaking at the same gathering, Archbishop of Palestinian Greek Orthodox Church, Atallah Hanna, said: “We will not raise flags of surrender and we will not be weak or desperate as it is being planned for us to be.”

“Palestinians are being targeted by all inhumane and uncivilized means which prove the brutality and racism of the occupation.”