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Israel Army publishes propaganda video aimed at Westerners

The Israeli Army posted a propaganda video on Twitter last night aimed at Westerners.

The video claimed Israel was “under attack”, and compared this to London, Paris or Washington being attacked.

“What if it was Washington, Paris, London?” the video asked the viewer.

The Twitter post was accompanied by dramatic music, and footage of unrest in Ashkelon, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Yehud, and “all of Israel” that was “under attack”.

Tensions flared in Jerusalem after the proposed eviction of Palestinian families in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood Sheikh Jarrah, of which Israeli officials admitted was an attempt to “preserve Jerusalem’s Jewish identity”.

Extremist settlers marched through the city on “Jerusalem Day”, which celebrates the 1967 occupation of Jerusalem by Israeli forces, shouting slogans such as “death to Arabs”.

The Israeli Army then launched an offensive Al-Aqsa Mosque whilst worshippers performed prayers, releasing tear gas and stun grenades.

Israel has launched an airstrike offensive on Gaza, killing 65 people so far, and injuring nearly 400, including 86 children, according to Al Jazeera.

Hamas in retaliation began launching rockets in Israeli territory, –most of which have been intercepted by Israeli missile defence system Iron Dome– and have since proposed a ceasefire, which Israel has rejected, saying it will not accept any ceasefire until it has achieved “certain military goals”.

Extremist far-right Jewish gangs currently roam the streets attacking Palestinians, participating in what is called “lynching”.