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Caribbean rights group condemn Israel aggression

Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine (CAAP) has issued a press statement condemning the on-going attacks on Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

This is part of the “ethnic cleansing” by Israel of Palestinians who have been living in Jerusalem for countless generations, to make way for Zionist settlers. The organisation said it was appalled by the wounding of hundreds of worshippers in Jerusalem – many of whom were deliberately fired at their eyes, causing maximum injuries.

Lalu Hanuman, Attorney-at-law and Secretary of Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine, said “For over seventy-three years Palestinians have been murdered daily by the forces of Zionism while courageously standing up for their rights to be free from racism, colonialism, occupation, and oppression.”

CAAP called on all people committed to human rights to stand with the Palestinian people. We must show solidarity with them, just as we did against apartheid in South Africa, the statement read.

The organisation which is based in Barbados called on the Barbadian Government “to do the right thing and recognise the State of Palestine, as many of our CARICOM sister states have done.”