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US Press Pays ‘in reverse’ efforts to cover Israeli occupation crimes in Gaza

“Hamas launched new attack on Israel after Jerusalem clashes” was the title used by the American press paper, The New York Post, earlier on Monday, May 10.

The New York Post timed article, and many other mainstream outlets, went public shortly after heavy explosions struck by the Israeli occupation warplanes and targeted a number of civilian points, including homes, apartments, and farmlands in different areas of the Gaza strip.

The article shows how The New York Post and the majority of the American mainstream papers literally reverse the Israeli and Palestinian death toll and injures numbers, which explains that the US press covers the occupation crimes in revers and how the pain of Palestinians in Gaza is misrepresented to the world too.

Local media streams as well attacked the editing policy of The Post, explaining that truth is what matters most in such horrific times.

Noteworthy is the Israeli warplanes missiles have been targeting civilian places, resulting in 25 Palestinian martyrs (nine children and one young disabled man with his elderly mother), and 115 wounded at least so far.