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Over 90 Palestinians Wounded in Jerusalem, PRC

Palestinian Red Crescent reported on Sunday, May 9 that 90 critical wounds at least registered among Palestinians in different neighborhoods of Jerusalem last night.

Many hotbed places of protests in Jerusalem witnessed the Israeli occupation crimes and uprooting, mentioning mainly Al Aqsa compound and courtyards, Damascus and Herod’s Gates, and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in particular.

PRC report also stated that 8 wounded men were delivered to a hospital after they got shot by the Israeli police forces, most of them with direct rubber bullets, tear gas, and stun grenades. However, the Israeli police did not permit the ambulance staff to get into the areas of close touch though tens of critical conditions were laying on the ground bleeding and motionless.

Noteworthy is that the Israeli police attacked one of the ambulance staff cars with stun grenades and released sewage water.

The PRC had then to establish a field hospital equipped with first aid kits to save the wounded urgently with no need to move around to hospitals.