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Ministry of Interior in Gaza: “Less Covid lockdown restriction”

Ministry of Interior and National Security in Gaza has briefed on Tuesday new updates regarding the local COVID-19 curfew after two weeks of heavy restriction on the Gaza strip. 

The foremost statement declared a lift for the night-shift total lockdown, including permission to pedestrians and in-city traveling, stores, and governemntal and private sector institutes in general. 

Vehicles movement has now been allowed till 12 a.m as the official statement of the Interior allows now cars, Mosques re-opening (with post-evening prayers), with emphasis to abide by the COVID-19 preventive measures and precautions. 

Dependably, the Interior briefing pointed that the closure of wedding halls and consolation houses, and public gatherings, is still ongoing.

As a way of measuring the effectiveness, these updated statements will be evaluated after ten days of action, which would assist the Interior to set eyes exactly on the impacts expected.

The Ministry of Interior stressed finally that it will take the action necessary against and fine those who violate the orders of the government.