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Covid in Gaza: 6 deaths and 612 cases registered in one day.

Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Wednesday morning, May 5, six Covid-19 death cases in the Gaza strip in the past 24 hours, rising the deaths to 927 since the start of the pandemic in Gaza.

MOH said in its daily update report that 612 new cases detected of 2301 PCR samples operated during the 24 hours, which increases the total number of confirmed active cases to 10694.

According to the report, MOH stated that 1330 new recovery cases confirmed to make the total recovery number from Covid-19 to 91523.

Noteworthy, 258 active cases of Covid in a dire need of intensive care in hospital while 187 of them in critical conditions.

In regard to the vaccine stats, 110400 Covid vaccine doses were transported to the Gaza strip, enough to provide 55200 people only with the vaccine, and 37947 got their shots so far.