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Israeli soldiers detain a Palestinian journalist during media coverage in West Bank

Israel Hands On Palestine Press Continues to Violate Rights and Laws

Gaza Government Media Office has reported on Monday, May 3, 778 Israeli violations of Palestinian journalists’ rights through 2020-2021.

The Media Office stated on the advent of World Press Freedom Day, “Palestinian journalists lay under countless colors of aggressions and assaults committed against their work nature by Israel, which counted 778 during only 2020-2021.”

The office added that 561 crimes against journalists of Palestine were committed in 2020 by the Israeli occupation while the following year registered 217 continuant laws and press rights violations.

To the same extent, the Israeli occupation violates the prime principles of journalism, careless of all the international community laws and conventions that state press freedom and rights. This aggressive policy draws a vivid image of how brutally the occupation oppressors press in Palestine particularly.

Concerning the stats registered, the report also clarified that the Palestinian journalists challenge intentional and innumerable aggressions, such as physical violations; shooting with fire and metal bullets and tear gas; psychological abuse; detention; killing and torture; closure of media work corporations and institutes; and so on so forth.

Noteworthy, 29 Palestinian journalists are now in jail, as their fault is exposing the occupation massacres and crimes in Palestine, according to the Office.

Federation of Arab Journalists and the UN’s Freedom of Opinion and Expression Section separately stated that urgent and firm actions should be taken to release all detainees of expression and journalists in the Israeli occupation prisons, alongside guaranteeing their rights of work and establishing protection for them from the different versions of mass violation and crimes that undermine their legitimate missions.