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Firm threats by Deif, as “Israelis have to be cautious,” he says.

Mohammed Deif, chief of staff and supreme military commander of Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, briefed on Tuesday strict messages of support and courage to all Palestinians who suffer the crimes of the Israeli occupation most in recent days, and to those of Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in particular.

During his talk, Deif expressed firm readiness to strike back to the Israeli aggressions with heavy power if the occupation troops’ policies continue to endanger Palestinians’ lives in occupied Palestine and Jerusalem.

Most importantly, the Deif’s military army watches closely the actions in Jerusalem, crafting response strategies when necessary and on time. He also said that “the military response Hamas might launch would extend to on-ground fire to step the occupation back off.”

The military commander-in-chief stressed that Al-Qassam will not stand down and keep silent if Israel continues to move its brutality and oppression towards Palestinians in Jerusalem.

Vividly threatening his words were as he concluded his brief talk saying, “our response will by dead costly, and the occupation government is the only responsible thereupon.”