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Israeli Police insert closure on Zaatarah checkpoint in Nablus after the shooting scene / Photo AFP

Three Israelis wounded in a drive-by shooting in West Bank

A drive at Zaatarah checkpoint in occupied West Bank shot on Sunday evening three Israeli settlers, and Defense Minister Benny Gantz states, ‘terrorists responsible.’

The driver fired at the Israelis after he drove his vehicle close to the joint, which caused critical wounds for two Israelis in the head, according to Israeli Army statement.

In a following response, IDF troops fired back at the shooter but could not put him in sight, as the vehicle drew back the scene safely shortly after the shooting.

Israeli Medical Service reported the three wounded were delivered to hospital, two of them caught in critical conditions, and now they lay under intensive watch.

The scene investigation carried by IDF revealed identities of the three wounded: a religious seminary students in the nearby settlement of Itamar.

As a result of the shooting, Israeli troops has imposed covert surveillance and military watch on the routes leading to the checkpoint, to assert nothing alike would repeat.

In regard to the attack, Gantz’s office stated that such an ‘act of terror’ will not be tolerated, as the army will not rest till they haunt all the responsible ones down.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated to the concern by showing anger and readiness to strike back with heavy force and not let actions alike to happen.

Conversely, Palestinian resistance movements and political parties alongside Hamas have praised the attack on the settlers and said that this is no less than a normal response by the brave Palestinians to all the aggressions committed against Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa and its citizens.

Up-to-date, no Palestinian party has claimed the action, but Israeli fingers point at the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, clarifies Yigal Dilmoni, head of the Yesha settlers’ council.