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“Palestinian Elections Delay,” Decrees Abbas.

Last Thursday evening, President of PA Mahmoud Abbas states a presidential decree declaring a delay for the Palestinian legislative and general elections, which he had called on all parties for on January 1st, 2021, until further notice, and total rejection argument comment on the decision with ‘chaotic intentions.’

The PA’s decree came days after repetitive claims that the Israeli occupation does not allow the Palestinians to practice their right of democracy, especially in Jerusalem, as the city is witnessing heavy tensions and escalations with the Israeli police nowadays in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Abbas stated also that the Palestinian Authority will not accept national elections without the participation of -East Jerusalem-, emphasizing that till this moment, the Israeli government has not permitted the people of Jerusalem to run their democracy act.

What drove the PA President to announce the delay is the severe division crises his party, Fatah, has and the news Hamas movement proclaimed, which envisioned the intention of Abbas to delay the elections after the anticipation and the polls of the PA’s loss and the Hamas majority win.

In this regard, a number of Palestinian parties and movements expressed condemnation of this self-decision by Abbas and reported that they will not welcome such arbitrary words.