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Abbas Addresses Palestinians While Serious Anticipations of Elections Delay Precede

President of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas delivers a statement on Thursday, and Palestinians catch sight of elections delay coming”, says Majdalani—a PLO’s Executive Committee member.

And adds, local issues the Palestinian Authority still has to take decisive actions regarding, mentioning the continuous tensions committed by the occupation in Jerusalem with ‘political interjections’ that compromise any democratic development in the city, otherwise we could not move the elections forward.

European Union thereupon caused no pressure on the Israeli side to not problematize Palestinian democracy, which led to deep disappointment for all Palestinian parties of elections, Majdalani explains.

Nabil Abu Rudeina, the spokesman of PA President Mahmoud Abbas, speaks, “Our decision is set, and we will not allow national elections to happen without merging Jerusalem within, stressing it is a must, like all other parts of Palestine.

Abu Rudeina says the Palestinian Authority has repeatedly received negative responses from the Israeli government that express rejection of including Jerusalem in the elections, as he also states, “The American Administration and the European Union are of no ample power to push Israel towards accepting the Palestinians’ strict demands or to abandoning what the Trump’s legacy equipped the occupation authority with.”

In regard to the official Palestinian statements, Al Arabi TV reports European diplomatic attempts suggested having International observation on the Palestinian elections once held.

Al Arabi sets forth that the Palestinian government has lip-informed the European Union of the need to postpone the elections until unclarified further notice.