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New police cadres graduate in Gaza

The ninth class of students graduated yestarday with a Bachelor of Law and Police Sciences at the Rabat University College, in Gaza City.

Police training was carried out during the graduation ceremony, which included: Simulating the execution of police operations, including dealing with “riots” and controlling “outlaws”, in addition to infantry demonstrations.

Major General Nasser Musleh, undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, said that Rabat University College is presenting a model for building a police cadre on scientific and professional foundations.

Musleh added that the college had graduated groups of officers during the previous years, and today they are in advanced positions in the leadership of police work in the Gaza Strip, which proves the ability of this college to overcome the difficulties which result from the siege and the inability to send cadres abroad for training.

He continued: “Today we stand in front of a high-end police establishment that works with professionalism and competence, and it has proven its competence in all stations, and this would not have been possible without the effort and dedication of these men, and their understanding of the mission and objectives of this ministry.”