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Hamas condemns the occupation’s arrest of leader Nidal Al-Qawasma and journalist Alaa Al-Rimawi

Today, Wednesday, the “Hamas” movement condemned the arrest campaigns launched by the Israeli occupation forces against citizens in West Bank cities, the most recent of which was the arrest of leader Nidal Al-Qawasme from Hebron, and journalist Alaa Al-Rimawi from the city of Al-Bireh.

Hamas said in a press statement that the occupation’s pursuit of journalism, once again confirms that this occupation is exasperated by the truth and the message carried by the free press, which is consistent with the aspirations of our people, and conveys its worries and suffering under the occupation.

And it called on all human rights and journalistic institutions to stand up for the remnant side of the journalist, exposing the occupation and its practices in front of the relevant international human rights institutions, and we also call on the Journalists Syndicate to have a distinct role in protecting journalists and pursuing the occupation through international press institutions.

The movement affirmed that the continued occupation of arrest campaigns among the movement’s leaderships in the West Bank cities aims to intimidate participation in the elections and work for them.

She stressed that this miserable attempt at the occupation expresses an authoritarian fascist mentality against the rights of our people, the simplest of which is the right to vote and the right to a free speech.