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PalMed Europe launches fund for medical aid in Palestine

PalMed Europe on sunday launched an Endowment Fund to help fund pioneering medical aid programmes in Palestine.

Speaking to attendants, head of the Palestinian Physicians’ Association in Britain (PalMed), Dr Riyad Masharqeh, said: “This fund is an important chain in a series of projects supervised by PalMed Europe.”

“This Endowment Fund aims to contribute to saving lives and caring for health through carrying out a strategic change in the medical reality and allowing afflicted communities to continuously benefit from their medical professionals during these difficult times.”

Masharqeh said that this project will fund medical development programmes, equip training and scientific research laboratories and carry out medical education programmes for Palestinians.

Dr Rateb Al-Nabulsi hailed the Endowment Fund and said that it is very important to pay for such projects because lack of medical equipment and limited medical aid have fatal consequences.

Head of the Supreme Islamic Commission in Jerusalem, Dr Ekrema Sabri, said paying zakat to this project is a form of continuous charity.