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UNRWA: The resumption of US financial aid will not stop the fiscal deficit

“UNRWA” welcomed the resumption of the United States’ financial aid after a hiatus for several years, noting at the same time that this would not stop its financial deficit.

The media advisor to the Presidency of “UNRWA”, Adnan Abu Hasna, said in press statements that the decision of the American administration to resume financial aid is an important decision and will take effect in the coming weeks.

He added that despite the resumption of US support for UNRWA, the fiscal deficit in the 2021 budget will continue at about $ 150 million.

The UN official considered that the Israeli response to reject the US decision is expected, but the US administration’s decision will not be affected by this rejection.

The US State Department announced in a statement, on Wednesday, Washington’s intention to resume aid to the Palestinian people, including the restoration of $ 85 million in direct aid and $ 150 million in humanitarian aid for UNRWA.