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Israeli police banish Palestinian activist from Al Aqsa Mosque

The Israeli occupation police on Sunday evening handed pro-Aqsa activist Medellin Issa, from Kafr Qasim City in Israel, an order banning her entry to the Aqsa Mosque for one week.

Issa said that the Israeli police summoned her for interrogation in Jerusalem and handed her a renewable one-week Aqsa entry ban, expressing her belief that her entry ban would be extended for additional six months.

She added that the Israeli intelligence apparatus justified the measure by claiming that her presence at the Aqsa Mosque would be dangerous and troublesome.

The previous order that banned Issa’s entry to the Islamic holy site lasted 16 months and ended in last December.

The Israeli occupation authority and its police in Jerusalem give themselves the right to issue such Aqsa entry ban against Muslim worshipers and take upon themselves to decide who can and cannot pray at the Mosque despite the fact that they have no jurisdiction over the Islamic holy place.

According to signed agreements, Jordan is the custodian of the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.