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IOF kidnap a Hamas senior official Hasan Wardyan

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Tuesday kidnaped senior Hamas official Hasan Wardyan, a candidate in the upcoming Palestinian elections from his home in Bethlehem.

Wardyan is an ex-detainee who spent over 20 years in Israeli jails. He is one of Hamas’s noted figures in Bethlehem province and one of its candidates on its electoral list.

For its part, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said today, Tuesday, that the arrest of the Israeli occupation candidate on its electoral list is blatant interference in the Palestinian electoral process, reflecting the Israeli efforts to sabotage it.

The movement added, in a statement to its spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, that these arrests of the Palestinian people and its leaders in the West Bank will not succeed in intimidating, terrorizing, or discouraging them from participating in the elections, but rather will constitute a motive for insisting on strong and effective participation in them, and the success of the democratic choice.

Barhoum indicated that our Palestinian people, their cadres, leaders, and factions are called to make all these challenges a battleground with the Israeli occupation, and work to protect the national entitlement by all means, and confront any Israeli attempts to sabotage the elections.

He called on the international community and international institutions to act immediately to protect the Palestinian electoral process and put an end to all Israeli abuses and violations against our people.