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Omar Barghouthi, Icon of the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation, dies of COVID-19

Shehab – West Bank

Well-known Palestinian figure in the West Bank, Omar Barghouti, has died of COVID-19 at the age of 67, local reports say.

Barghouti was diagnosed with the virus several days ago and his condition deteriorated quickly.

A longtime operative for the Palestinian cause against the Israeli terrorism, Barghouti served a total of 27 years in Israeli prison, 13 of which were under administrative detention (Without charge). He was convicted over the murder of an Israeli in 1978, but was released after seven years in a prisoner swap deal. He was later arrested many times and jailed for His struggle against Israeli terrorism.

The Israeli army killed his son, “Saleh,” in December 2018, while “Asim” was arrested in early January 2019 and sentenced to life imprisonment four times.

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) issued a statement today, Thursday, in which it mourned Barghouti, expressing deep grief for losing him.