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Abbas dismisses Nasser Al-Qudwa from heading Yasser Arafat Foundation

Palestinian Authority (PA), Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas has fired Nasser Al-Qudwa from heading the Yasser Arafat Foundation.

This came after Al-Qudwa was dismissed from Fatah due to his insistence to run for parliamentary elections on a separate list to Fatah’s main list.

On Al-Qudwa’s expulsion from Fatah, the movement’s Central Committee stated: “After failing to persuade him to obey the decisions and commit to its internal charter, Fatah decided to dismiss Nasser Al-Qudwa in an attempt to maintain the unity of the movement.”

Al-Qudwa, nephew of the late PA, PLO and Fatah leader Yasser Arafat, has previously occupied several senior and diplomatic positions within the PA and had been a member of Fatah’s Central Committee before his dismissal.