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Israeli occupation forces suppresses Palestinian anti-settlement march in Al-Khalil city

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) suppressed on Friday an anti-settlement march in the Ain al-Bayda area, which is threatened with seizure, southeast of Yatta in al-Khalil.

Local sources reported that dozens of Palestinians performed Friday prayer on the lands of Ain al-Bayda in solidarity with the owners of the lands threatened to be seized by the occupation in favor of Maon and Karmiel settlements.

After the prayer, a solidarity march began, during which the participants raised the Palestinian flag and chanted slogans calling for ending the policy of ethnic cleansing against the Masafer’s residents in Yatta.

Several foreign solidarity activists and peace activists in addition to dozens of citizens and owners of lands threatened with confiscation participated in the march.

Local sources said that the IOF soldiers and groups of settlers attacked the marchers and beat them with rifles butts.

Meanwhile, local sources reported that the IOF stormed the area of Al-Jalada in al-Khalil, raided and searched several shops.

IOF also raided Mahmoud Al-Sweiti’s house in Beit Awa town, searched it and tampered with its contents.

In another development, the IOF soldiers set up a military checkpoint at the northern entrance to al-Khalil, stopped citizens’ vehicles, searched them, checked their ID cards, and blocked traffic.

Activist Muhammad al-Badan said that IOF delivered at dawn Friday a summons to Khader al-Amor from Tuqu’ town for interrogation at the intelligence office in the Gush Ezion settlement after raiding and searching his house.

Badan indicated that the IOF broke into Amour’s house and seized the cellular device of his son Moataz, who was arrested three days earlier.