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Over 550 organizations call on UN Human Rights Council to “end Israel’s impunity”

Over 550 organizations called today in a joint letter upon the UN Human Rights Council to recognize and denounce Israel’s racist policies against the entire Palestinian people, including home demolitions, which violate the Palestinian right to self-determination.

They also called on the UNHRC to establish an independent fact-finding mission into Israel’s apartheid regime and associated obligations of states, international organizations and business enterprises.

The signatories urged the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to further develop in a transparent manner the UN database on business enterprises involved in Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise.

They also called on the international community to resort to all available mechanisms to achieve international justice and accountability, and in particular, to intervene immediately to economically sanction Israel, and to hold individuals including corporate actors who may have committed war crimes in Palestine to account.

The signatories urged States parties to the Rome Statute and Third States to publicly support and fully cooperate with the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC to ensure the arrest and transfer to The Hague of persons investigated and accused of international crimes, and to prevent the continued perpetration of international crimes against the Palestinian people.