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Read the names .. Hamas announces the election of its political bureau for the Gaza Strip

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, announced on Sunday, the names of the members of its political office in the Gaza Strip who were elected as part of the movement’s electoral process.

“Within the completing the election of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in the Gaza Strip, the movement’s Shura Council held a meeting today, Sunday, March 14, in which it elected members of the Gaza Strip’s Political Bureau, members of the administrative body, and the heads of the oversight committees who were emanating from the Shura Council.” The movement said in a press statement.

“For the first time, one of the women was elected in the political bureau of the movement, in addition to the head of the women’s movement,” The press statement added.

“Within the internal electoral system of the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas, in which women are allowed to be elected and hold advanced positions in Hamas decision-making, and the culmination of this civilizational thought stemming from our correct Islamic curriculum..
Dr. Jamila Abdullah Al-Shanti is elected as a member of the political bureau of Hamas in the movement’s elections, Fatima Shurab, the leadership of the Islamic women’s movement” The statement explained.

The following is the new elected leadership according to the movement’s manifesto:

  1. Mr. Yahya Sinwar, head of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip
  2. Dr. Khalil Al-Hayya, Vice President of the Movement.
  3. Dr. Nizar Awad Allah as a member
  4. Mahmoud Al-Zahar as a member.
  5. Rouhi Mushtaha Member.
  6. Fathi Hammad as a member
  7. Sameh Al-Sarraj as a member
  8. Marwan Issa as Member
  9. Salah Al-Bardawil as Member
  10. Jamila Al-Shanti as Member.
  11. Fatima Sherrab (Al-Akhras), President of the Women’s Movement.
  12. Ghazi Hamad as member.
  13. Ismail Barhoum as Member.
  14. Suhail Al-Hindi as Member.
  15. Zakaria Abu Muammar as member.
  16. Jawad Abu Shamala as member.
  17. Kamal Abu Aoun as member.
  18. Issam Al-Daalis as member.
  19. Usama Al-Muzaini, Chairman of the Movement’s Shura Council in the Gaza Strip.
  20. Maher Sabra, Assistant Chairman of the Movement’s Administrative Board.