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Israeli settlers attack Palestinian family, destroy olive trees in West Bank

Hordes of extremist Jewish settlers on Saturday evening attacked a Palestinian family in Bruqin town, west of Salfit, and destroyed several olive trees in Bethlehem.

According to local sources, settlers from the illegal settlement of Bruchin hurled rocks at the car of Hatem al-Hajj as he was aboard it with his family during their presence on his piece of land near Bruqin town.

Soon later, local residents from the nearby village of Sarta intervened and fended off the settlers.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the stone-throwing attack, but the car sustained damage.

In Bethlehem, other settlers from Gush Etzion settlement chopped off 15 fruitful olive trees in a grove belonging to a local resident from Artas village.

In recent months, different West Bank areas have seen an upsurge in the frequency and severity of attacks by Jewish settlers and soldiers.