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Israeli Prison Service Imposes Punitive Measures against Prisoners

 Israeli Prison Service (IPS) at Ofer prison threatened today to intensify its punitive measures against Palestinian prisoners, which would aggravate the already poor health conditions in Israeli jails and their serious consequences on the right to health of Palestinian prisoners amid the global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) reported that Palestinian prisoners in “Ofer” threatened to consider a set of measures starting next week in protest of IPS’s escalated measures against them – which could amount to launching a gradual hunger strike – after talks with the Israel Prison Service have failed to meet their key demands.

Prisoners are protesting a recent surge in maltreatment and suppression by IPS, including the escalated provocative searches and repeated raids on prisoners’ rooms; as well as transfers of prisoners from one prison to another.

Prisoners have also complained that the poison service has been cutting off the water to their cells and depriving them of essential hygiene and cleaning materials amidst the spread of the novel Covid-19 pandemic.