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A decision in favor of a Palestinian activist to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a former Israeli soldier

California court issued a decision in favor of the Palestinian activist Soheir Nafal to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the former Israeli soldier Rebecca Ram to silence her and accuse her of defaming her.

Nafal had published a picture on “Facebook” in 2018, in which she collected the paramedic martyr Razan al-Najjar, who was shot by the Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip in her medical uniform, and the female soldier Ram, who carried weapons, and expressed her rejection of the crimes of the Israeli occupation against our people.

The American judge ruled against the Israeli female soldier to dismiss the case within a law punishing “criticizing Israel” with one year in prison, and refused the compensation that Ram demanded of up to $ 6 million.

Nafal is active in the Boycott and Divestment of Israel (BDS) movement in the United States of America, and it is one of the active movements at the level of American universities and companies and has made many achievements in favor of the Palestinian cause during the past years, which prompted many states to enact special laws that criminalize boycotting Israel. Or support for BDS, until it became within the terms of some important jobs, especially teachers and university professors.