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Gaza’s civil defence teams call for end to Israel’s siege

The General Directorate of Civil Defence in Gaza today called on the international community to exert pressure on the Israeli occupation to force it to allow the entry of safety vehicles and equipment.

The call came during a vehicle rally and press conference held to mark World Civil Defence Day.

In a speech, Director General of Civil Defence in Gaza Zuhair Shaheen appealed to all human rights institutions in Palestine and abroad to work to prosecute the occupation, criminally and legally for its crimes against Palestinian civilians and against the capabilities of civil defence teams.

He pointed out that civil defence teams suffer as a result of Israel’s brutal 14-year siege as support equipment and vehicles are not allowed to enter the Strip.

Shaheen added that the repeated wars on Gaza resulted in the destruction of more than 18 civil defence centres and the targeting of 31 vehicles, while 25 of the apparatus’ cadres were killed while carrying out their humanitarian work, and dozens were injured.

He pointed out that all this had a negative impact on the quality of service provided to citizens.

Shaheen added: “Despite the wars, the siege, the lack of resources, and the scarcity of material and logistical resources, the agency did not stop performing its duty, providing its services to the public. “