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Israel indicts Israeli Arab over Hamas collaboration claims

The Israeli District Court of Beersheba on Friday indicted an Israeli-Arab citizen for allegedly collaborating with the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas.

The man was identified as Mohammad Abu Adra, 43, who was arrested on 3 February following Israeli police and Shin Bet investigations, The Times of Israel divulged.

His indictment included security offenses related to membership of a: “Terror organisation, a decision to commit treason and providing information to the enemy.”

In a statement, Shin Bet claimed that Hamas: “Is ceaselessly working to recruit Israeli citizens for the purpose of intelligence gathering in order to enable terror attacks in Israel.”

Shin Bet claimed that the man was recruited by Hamas 18 months ago, asking him to collect information on the locations of the equipment of Iron Dome.

According to Israeli media, the man is the son of an Israeli Bedouin father and a Gazan mother.

Due to his special status, The Times of Israel reported that he was allowed to travel on a regular basis between the Gaza Strip and the Israeli city of Rehovot.

Israeli authorities claim that Hamas has previously taken advantage of people moving between Gaza and Israel “to destabilise the region.”