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Gaza: Martyrs’ families hold hunger strike to protest salary cut

Families of Palestinian martyrs and wounded people in Gaza carried took part in a one-day hunger strike yesterday to protest against the Palestinian Authority’s decision to cut their salaries for seven years.

The hunger strike came as part of a series of actions planned by the National Committee for the Families of Martyrs and Wounded People in Gaza to call for the repayment of salaries.

In a press conference held in front of the PA’s Martyrs Fund in Gaza, spokesman of the Committee, Alaa Al-Barrawi, said: “This hunger strike is a message to the Palestinian leaders talking in Cairo that it is necessary to solve the problem of the martyrs’ families.”

“We want the repayment of the suspended salaries in order to ensure a dignified life for the families of the martyrs and wounded who have been suffering for years.”

The PLO and the Palestinian Authority did not respond to Anadolu’s request for comment.

In January 2019, the PA cut the salaries of 2,700 families of martyrs and wounded people in Gaza without justification.