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Report: Shehab News Agency’s page is the most popular in Palestine

Today, Sunday, the Youth Media Center released the annual report on the reality of social media in Palestine for the year 2020, which diagnoses and monitors social media during the year, and which was full of multiple events and issues with which a large number of social media interacted.

The head of the Media Youth Center, Iyad Al-Qara, said that his center seeks, through the report, to develop the media environment in terms of social media, and to shed light on this type of media in order to develop it in the Palestinians.

The report monitored the violations committed by social media sites against Palestinians and Palestinian content during the past year, by removing the content, blocking or restricting access.

The report also documented the classification of the Shehab News Agency page in Arabic as the largest in Palestine, the sixth on Twitter, the third on Instagram, and the third on the Telegram platform.