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‘The Palestinian people have the right to elect their representatives’ Dr. Khalil Al-Hayya

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Dr. Khalil Al-Hayya said that Hamas has taken a decisive decision internally to push for the success of Palestinian elections.

In an interview with Al-Aqsa TV channel, the senior Hamas official confirmed that his movement is determined to “remove all barriers in the path of elections.”

Hamas has already pushed for the success of the elections, said al-Hayya.

He noted that Hamas wishes that the Palestinian vote will pave the way for restructuring the Palestinian political system.

The Palestinian elections underlines the importance of the Palestinians’ participation in the democratic process, he stressed.

“We will accept the results of the elections and the Palestinian people have the right to elect their representatives,” said al-Hayya.

He also stressed that all the Palestinian factions should be prepared to accept the results of the elections whatever they are.

“We are heading towards the Palestinian general elections to restructure the Palestinian institutions…We hope that the elections will fulfil the legitimate aspiration of the Palestinian people of unity and partnership,” said al-Hayya.

He mentioned that the Palestinian cause faces serious challenges, such as annexation, Judaisation, the issue of the Palestinian refugees, and normalisation, and such threats force all the Palestinians to be united.

The Hamas official noted that the movement agreed with Fatah on some of the points in the presidential decrees announced by Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas.

“We requested that the Palestinian National Council elections be held first, but our brothers in Fatah insisted on holding the legislative elections first followed by the presidential elections and finally the National Council vote,” the senior Hamas official pointed out.

He emphasized that Hamas agreed to Fatah’s proposal to remove obstacles hindering the elections.

Answering a question about Hamas’ options in the coming elections, al-Hayya said that “all options are on the table”, stressing that his movement will consult all components of the Palestinian people to reach the best options that serve the interest of the Palestinian people.

He continued: “The best option for the Palestinian people is to agree on a national programme that protects the Palestinian constants and resist the Israeli Zionist project.”

Al-Hayya also noted that the best scenario after the elections is forming a national unity government supervised by the elected legislative council.

Concerning the Palestinian Constitutional Court, the senior Hamas official called on excluding the court from any discussion relating to the Palestinian vote.

He said: “The Constitutional Court was formed without national consensus. But it will be a major point to be discussed in the national dialogue held in Cairo.”

Regarding calls by European and Arab countries to hold the elections, al-Hayya said that the desire of such countries is the same of the Palestinian people.

He thanked the countries that expressed willingness to guarantee and monitor the elections, including Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, and Russia.

“No elections should be held without Jerusalem,” confirmed al-Hayya, noting that there is a national consensus on this point.

He demanded the international community places pressure on the Israeli occupation not to thwart the election process in Jerusalem.

Al-Hayya noted that the Palestinian people are in a “difficult test regarding freedom of speech in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.”

The Gaza Strip will not witness any arrest based on political grounds, confirmed al-Hayya, calling on the Palestinian Authority to stop political arrests in the West Bank.