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Palestinian worker injured by Israeli gunfire in southern Tulkarem

Another Palestinian workman on Monday evening suffered a bullet injury when the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) opened fire at him near the separation wall in the west of Far’un town, south of Tulkarem in the occupied West Bank.

According to eyewitnesses, a young man in his 20s suffered a bullet injury in his leg after he crossed through the wall in an attempt to reach a workplace in the 1948 occupied lands (Israel).

The young man was rushed to the Hospital of Martyr Thabet Thabet for medical assistance.

Earlier on the same day, six Palestinian workmen were also injured by Israeli gunfire near the same wall in Far’un town.

The workmen were en route to their workplaces in the 1948 occupied lands when Israeli soldiers opened fire at them near a gate at the wall in the west of the town.

Two of the wounded young men needed special medical attention because of their suffering from shinbone fractures, according to medical sources at the Hospital of Martyr Thabet Thabet.