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Hezbollah warns of possible war with Israel

Lebanese Hezbollah warned on Friday that the possibility of war with Israel still exists, confirming that the probability: “Stems from a sense of responsibility, not to provoke terror and panic among people.”

This came in statements issued by Head of Hezbollah’s executive council Hashem Safi Al-Din, reported by the Lebanese El-Nashra news agency.

Safi Al-Din affirmed that: “The existing equation with the Israeli enemy is to target and respond to aggressions, which keeps the enemy in a state of constant alert, and if we are able to keep them in a state of fear and anticipation, then we will be relieved of their heinous crimes.”

He considered that: “Israel is searching today for alternatives in dealing with the resistance, and seeks another way to confront us, which proves its failure. If the occupation really succeeded in besieging Hezbollah at home on the political level, would they need all the fake heroism?”

The Hezbollah official pointed out: “Some have given the demarcation of the maritime borders and the launch of indirect negotiations with the enemy great dimensions, inspired by the current state of normalization, but Lebanon is far from all that. All the intentions in this context to target Hezbollah is mere talk far from reality.”