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Coronavirus daily in Palestine: 31 dead, 1514 new cases, and 1848 recoveries

A total of 31 people have died of coronavirus in Palestine in the last 24 hours, 1514 new cases were recorded, and 1848 patients have recovered, today said Minister of Health Mai Alkaila in her daily report on the pandemic in Palestine.

Three of the deaths were in East Jerusalem, 17 in the West Bank, and 11 in the Gaza Strip, she said.

East Jerusalem had 212 new cases and 280 recoveries, the West Bank 1022 new cases and 1117 recoveries, and Gaza 280 new cases and 451 recoveries.

Most of the new cases in the West Bank were in the Ramallah district, which recorded 191 cases, followed by Hebron 171 cases, Nablus 157, Jenin 144, and Bethlehem 96.

Alkaila said 138 patients are currently in intensive care, including 37 are on respirators.