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Israeli forces arrest two women in Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation police in Jerusalem on Thursday morning kidnaped a Palestinian young girl from her home in Silwan district and another woman from the Aqsa Mosque.

According to local sources, police forces kidnaped 24-year-old Asma Owais after ransacking her home in Ras al-Amud neighborhood in Silwan district, south of the Aqsa Mosque.

The detained girl is the sister of prisoner Baker Owais, who has been in an Israeli jail for about three weeks.

Meanwhile, police officers kidnaped a pro-Aqsa activist Raida Sa’eid during her presence inside the Bab al-Rahma prayer hall at the Aqsa Mosque.

Raida Sa’eid has been repeatedly exposed to arbitrary detention and banishment from the Aqsa Mosque for her role in exposing and opposing Israeli practices against the Islamic holy site.

In another context, the Israeli police deployed in the morning a road barrier at the eastern entrance to Issawiya district in Jerusalem and embarked on searching cars and passersby.

Last night, police forces stormed Issawiya and showered its streets with tear gas. One of the tear gas canisters reportedly fell into a house, forcing its residents to leave it for a while.