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Coronavirus daily in Palestine: 26 deaths, 2525 new cases, and 2240 recoveries

Twenty-six people have died of coronavirus in Palestine in the last 24 hours, 2525 new cases were recorded, and 2240 patients have recovered, today said Minister of Health Mai Alkaila.

She said in her daily report on coronavirus in Palestine that 15 of the deaths were in the West Bank, 10 in the Gaza Strip, and one in East Jerusalem.

The West Bank recorded 1262 new cases, including 217 in Hebron, 245 in Jenin, 201 in Nablus, 203 in Ramallah, and 113 in Bethlehem, while 1188 have recovered.

Gaza had 935 new cases and 797 recoveries, while East Jerusalem had 328 new cases over two days and 255 recoveries.

According to Alkaila, 137 patients are in intensive care, including 39 on ventilators.