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US Congresswoman denounces fatal shooting of Palestinian child Abu-Alayya

US Congresswoman Betty McCollum has denounced the fatal shooting of a Palestinian child by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank as a “grotesque state-sponsored killing.”

McCollum called in a statement for the UK-based Middle East Eye on the uncoming US administration of President-elect Joe Biden to investigate the incident.

“Yesterday’s death of a 15 year-old Palestinian boy in the West Bank by an Israeli soldier who shot the child in the abdomen is a grotesque state-sponsored killing,” McCollum said. “This senseless incident must be condemned as a direct result of Israel’s permanent military occupation of Palestine.”

“I urge the incoming Biden Administration to fully investigate and verify to the American people that no US taxpayer-funded military aid to Israel provided material assistance enabling this taking of a child’s life,” the Congresswoman concluded.

On Friday, Israeli occupation soldiers shot Palestinian 13-year-old Ali Abu-Alayya in the stomach during a protest near his village of al-Mughayir in the occupied West Bank district of Ramallah. He succumbed to his wounds a few hours later. 

The Palestinian Presidency condemned the Israeli murder of the child and called on the international community to work to provide protection for the Palestinian people, end the occupation and help the Palestinians establish an independent state of their own with East Jerusalem as its capital.