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Report: 44 schools across West Bank at risk of demolition by Israel

Some 44 Palestinian schools across ‘Area C’ of the occupied West Bank are at risk of complete or partial demolition, Al-Mujtama reported yesterday.

According to the Kuwaiti magazine, the Israeli occupation is planning the demolitions under the pretext that these schools did not have the licenses needed to be built.

However, Palestinians insist that the demolitions are aimed at ending the Palestinian existence in the area.

Area C constitutes about 61 per cent of the occupied West Bank and has been under Israeli military and civil control since the 1993 Oslo Accords.

The Kuwaiti magazine reported Palestinian media sources saying that homes and other facilities serving around 300,000 Palestinians living in Area C are at risk of demolition by the Israeli occupation at any time under the pretext of having no building licenses.

According to a UNSCO report, 10,000 Palestinian children learn in trailers, tents and tin shacks across the area. But even these makeshift structures and EU-funded facilities are repeatedly torn down.