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Tasnim Al-Qadi: They tortured and constantly interrogated me in Israeli prisons

Israeli occupation forces arrested Tasnim, a 29 year old, from her home in Al-Bireh last month, after they stormed the family’s home and terrorized the children in the house, and pressured the family to hand over their 18-year-old son Mustafa.

The prisoner, Tanseem Al-Qadhi, who is being held in the “Petah Tikva” investigation center, revealed, during the lawyer’s visit, some of the violations she had suffered since her arrest 30 days ago.

Tasnim told her lawyer that she was subjected to constant interrogations from morning until eight in the evening every day

The interrogators used lying and deceit to put pressure on her, threatening her with administrative detention, and arresting her relatives, while her brother, Mustafa, is still being held at the Al-Maskobiya investigation center.

Tasnim revealed that they removed her head scarf from her during the investigation, in addition to her being subjected to the torturing method (the banana position) where the detainees hands and legs are cuffed

to the lower part of the chair, forming an arch .