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Israel soldier filmed kneeling on elderly Palestinian’s neck in West Bank protest

A video circulating on social media shows an Israeli soldier kneeling on an elderly Palestinian protester’s neck while arresting him during a demonstration in the occupied West Bank.

Khairi Hannoun, 65, told Wafa news agency that he was protesting against Israel’s plans to confiscate some 800 dunums (0.8 square kilometers) of land to build an illegal industrial park affecting several northern West Bank villages.

Local Palestinian forces said dozens of protesters suffered from tear gas inhalation after Israeli forces fired canisters in their direction and shot live rounds.

Journalists covering the event, organized by local nationalist forces and the Wall and Settlements Resistance Commission, were also attacked by Israeli soldiers and prevented from filming it, a Wafa correspondent said.

Palestinians and Israeli rights groups often accuse Israeli occupation forces of using excessive force to disperse Palestinian protests.

As the video circulating on social media shows, the father of five was wrestled to the ground until the soldier appeared to kneel on his neck and back while forcing him into handcuffs.