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Gaza factions: We will not remain silent on Israel’s blockade

The Palestinian resistance factions have affirmed that they will not allow the Israeli occupation state to persist in its unjust blockade on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

In a press release issued by its joint operations room, the resistance factions said the Palestinian people have the right to express their rejection of this blockade through all appropriate means.

They said that the Israeli occupation’s use of peaceful means, such as balloons and other tools, as a pretext to bomb resistance sites was “unacceptable.”

They said that the resistance responded and would respond to every Israeli attack on its sites and people.

The Israeli occupation army has been launching attacks on Gaza for over a week, claiming they were in response to incendiary balloons that sparked fires in bushy areas in southern Israel.

However, the authorities in Gaza describe the flying of balloons carrying incendiaries towards Israel by young men as peaceful acts of protest against Israel’s failure to honor previous ceasefire pledges to ease the blockade on Gaza and its persistence in attacking fishermen.