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Lebanon: Israel violated Lebanese air space 29 times in 48 hours

The Lebanese Army said Israel violated Lebanon’s airspace 29 times in the past 48 hours, Alaraby English reported.

The flagrant breaches were monitored by the United Nations’ Lebanon Peacekeeping Mission.

An army spokesperson said: “On Friday, Israeli planes violated Lebanese air space 20 times, and on Saturday 9 times.”

Israel has yet to respond to the accusation.

This comes after Israel launched a deadly attack on Syria, targeting Hezbollah positions as tensions rise.

Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot claimed that Israel had also cancelled a major military exercise on its northern border in preparation for a potential Hezbollah attack.

Today, an outgoing Israeli commander claimed Lebanon-based militia Hezbollah were planning sea-based attacks on Israel.

Tensions between the two countries have risen in recent times as Israel has increased its military activity along Lebanon’s southern border, and recently began maritime drilling activities near disputed waters.