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Erdogan blames international silence for Israel’s growing insolence

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has reiterated his condemnation of Israel’s ongoing blockade on the Gaza Strip and its illegal practices in Palestine, blaming the international community for not taking action to curb “Israel’s growing insolence.”

In press remarks on Sunday, Erdogan said that the Palestinian lands under Israeli occupation top the list of the regions most exposed to injustice in the world.

“However, the Palestinians who were brutally murdered by Israeli police have been ignored by international media,” the Turkish president said.

He underlined that the international silence on Israel’s practices is the most important reason behind the increase in Israel’s insolence and its disregard for the law further.

“Israel’s announcement of the annexation plan of Palestinian settlements in the West Bank and Jordan Valley is a new step in the policy of occupation and oppression,” he said, stressing the need for the world to prevent such illegal steps by Israel.

“Although all the lands belonged to Palestine in 1947, Palestine has shrunk and Israel has got bigger over the years. With the invasion of Jerusalem in 1967, a new phase began. Today, unfortunately, there is no longer a place called Palestine on the map. Almost all of Palestine’s lands have been swallowed by Israel. Now, Israel wants to occupy the remaining land. The annexation plan aims for this goal.”