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PLO: Palestinian leadership to make Israel pay price of its occupation

Secretary of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO)’s Executive Committee Saeb Erekat announced on Friday that the Palestinian leadership took the necessary measures to make Israel pay the price of 53 years of occupation, a statement disclosed.

In a statement sent to media marking the 53rd anniversary of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, Erekat noted that the Palestinian leadership terminated the deals which had been practically cancelled by Israel.

“The leadership intensified its political, legal and diplomatic campaigns that would push the international community to enforce the international legitimacy and implementation of the international law,” Erekat communicated, stressing that “actions must be taken along with issuing statements.”

He considered that the long history of Israeli violence against the Palestinians “must be the incentive” for the international community to reject the Israeli annexation plan and take practical measures regarding the recognition of the state of Palestine

Erekat emphasised that all Palestinian factions along with the PLO and the Palestinian Authority’s leadership are united against the annexation plan and have pledged to undermine it.

Meanwhile, he explained that ending the internal division and regaining national unity is a key to encounter the “systematic imperialist” policies of the occupation, and that the continuous national strife and escalation of popular resistance is vital to achieving the national independence for the state of Palestine.