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Jewish settlers attack Palestinians homes in al-Khalil city

A horde of extremist Jewish settlers on Saturday attacked Palestinian homes in ash-Shallala street in the Old City of al-Khalil in the Occupied West Bank.

Youth Against Settlement said that settlers escorted by soldiers hurled stones at Palestinian homes, especially the house of Sadr family, in the street.

The family of Sadr had been exposed to assaults several times before by Jewish settlers, who seek to force it to leave the house in order to take it over.

The Palestinian families living in ash-Shallala street have been facing great pressure from the Israeli occupation army, which allowed settlers to seize several Palestinian homes and buildings.

Ash-Shallala street used to be one of the most active commercial streets in al-Khalil, but the ongoing violations by the Israeli army and settlers led to the shutdown of dozens of businesses and paralyzed the commercial life in the area, which is located near illegal Jewish outposts.