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Israeli occupation forces raids homes, kidnaps Palestinians in West Bank

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Wednesday carried out raids on homes and kidnaped a number of Palestinian citizens during campaigns in different West Bank areas.

According to local sources, the IOF kidnaped two young men identified as Abdul-Raheem Sabah and Karam Ammar from their homes in Qaffin town, north of Tulkarem.

The IOF also stormed Far’un town in southern Tulkarem and kidnaped a high-school student called Mahmoud Adwan from his home.

In Ramallah, three young men were taken prisoners during an IOF campaign in different areas of Ramallah.

On Tuesday evening, the IOF kidnaped a young ex-detainee identified as Musaab Qatish, a resident of Attil town in Tulkarem, at a makeshift checkpoint at the main entrance to Qalqilya city.

Another young man identified as Fahed Yehya, from Tulkarem, was also kidnaped at a checkpoint in southern Nablus yesterday.