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IOF arrests Palestinian cancer patient at Karama crossing

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Tuesday arrested a cancer-stricken Palestinian at al-Karama border crossing between Jordan and the West Bank.

A source in the Palestinian Liaison told Quds Press that the IOF arrested Mohammed Abu Daqqa, a resident of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip who had travelled to Jordan, at al-Karama crossing while he was returning home.

According to the same source, Abu Daqqa is suffering from liver cancer and travelled to Jordan for treatment.

Israel built al-Karama crossing (King Hussein Bridge) with Jordan in 1967 following its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip basically for the travel of West Bank Palestinians.

Several Palestinian human rights organizations have repeatedly accused Israel of using border crossings as “traps” to kidnap Palestinians, subject them to severe interrogations, and force them to cooperate with the Israeli Intelligence Service, especially patients, merchants and students.