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Hamas talks on prisoner swap with Israel ‘ebb and flow’

A senior Hamas official said on Sunday that talks on a prisoner swap with Israel “ebb and flow”, Al-Watan Voice has reported. Mahmoud Al-Zahar made his comment in an interview with the Arabic language Al-Ghad TV.

“We must take a deep breath, have good preparation and be prepared to exert pressure,” explained Al-Zahar. “Moreover, there must be a mediator.”

The veteran politician said that the mediator could be from the Arab or the wider world. “But he must bring what the Palestinians want.”

Hamas has confirmed in an official statement that no significant progress has been made in the indirect talks with Israel for a prisoner exchange deal. The movement accused the Israeli occupation authorities of seeking to mislead the families of its missing soldiers and undermine the morale of the Palestinian prisoners and their families through an online media campaign.