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Kuwait begins 20-day ‘total curfew’ to curb pandemic

Kuwait began a “total curfew” on Sunday through to 30 May to help to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

During the curfew, public sectors will work remotely and private sector activities, excluding vital ones, will be suspended.

All banks will be closed, but will continue to provide services electronically.

Essential sectors like health, security, electricity, oil and municipal services, as well as private sector companies providing vital services like maintenance will be exempt from the curfew, Interior Minister Anas al-Saleh said.

Kuwait on 20 April expanded a nationwide curfew to 16 hours a day, from 4pm (13.00 GMT) to 8am, and extended a suspension of work in the public sector, including government ministries, until 31 May.

“Anything that serves the citizens and expatriates at their homes and meets their needs will have all the possibilities to continue their operations,” said Kuwait’s Minister of Trade and Industry Khaled al-Rawdan.

“After the curfew, we hope there will be a gradual comeback.”