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Among 13 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli occupation forces, General Bilal Al-Natsheh taken to hospital after harsh interrogation

A Palestinian detainee was taken to hospital yesterday after he was subjected to harsh interrogation following his arrest by Israeli occupation forces, the PLO’s Prisoners’ Committee has revealed. General Bilal Al-Natsheh was among 13 Palestinians, most of them officials, who were arrested on Tuesday morning during raids by the Israeli forces in different parts of Jerusalem and the West Bank.

According to the Committee’s lawyer, the interrogation of Al-Natsheh took place in an investigation centre in Jerusalem where he had been taken following his arrest at his home in the occupied city.

After a couple of hours of being interrogated, the head of the National Popular Conference in Jerusalem had to be rushed to the Israeli Shaare Zedek Medical Centre.

The Palestine Liberation Organisation said that Israel must take full responsibility for anything that happens to General Al-Natsheh. It also called for him to be released from custody without delay.